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One Piece Cutting Torches


The NM250 cutting torch is a nozzle mix system, designed to be used with Acetylene or Propane for metal cutting. Complying with BS EN ISO 5172, the one-piece torch accepts ANM, PNM, Apachi and Propane Superheating Nozzles.

Combination Torches (Cutting, Welding, Brazing & Heating)


The C3 combination torch is a versatile and reliable system, engineered for medium duty cutting, welding, heating and brazing applications. The system is made up of the C3 handle and cutting attachment, compatible with a wide range of accessories.

Precision Blowpipes


Engineered for optimum performance. Wescol’s precision torches are favoured by the jewellery and plumbing industries and invaluable wherever absolute precision is required. Manufactured to comply with ISO 5172.



Available to suit specific market and application requirements; the kits include products that fulfil all requirements for cutting, welding, brazing & heating.

Nozzles & Accessories (1-101/3-101, ANM/PNM, 2 SEAT, 3 SEAT)


Available for various applications such as cutting plate, welding, brazing, soldering, gouging, surface treatment. Precision machined to allow the mixed gases to vent to atmosphere where they combust..